about my art

my approach

My instinctive approach to painting is predominantly abstract. It’s important for me to work with a strong vibrant colour palate which I use to translate my energy and vigour into my work. I tend to work on large canvases or perspex, which provides room to be expressive in an expansive non-contained way! Bigger the better !

For a more detailed insight into my working practice please refer to my Artist Statement.

artist statement

Through my paintings I am exploring my personal transition from the contained physical and psychological complexity of the corporate world into one of non-containment and freedom of self-expression, influenced and inspired by Abstract Expressionism. My work is free of explicit politics and works to abstract figurative complexity whilst presenting expressive and emotional imagery. Gestural mark-making and line is pivotal to my expression of spontaneity and energy.

I have been exploring and developing 2 new areas. Inspired by the works of Anselm Kiefer and John Virtue I have been working on canvas with acrylic and mixed media. By purposefully minimizing colour use to only neutral tones, I harness my emotional response and channel deeper for inner meaning. Working with mixed media, in my view, adds additional dimensions, intrigues and depths to the piece. My second area of exploration has involved working on Perspex, influenced and inspired by the works of artists such as John Hoyland, Patrick Heron and Barbara Rae and their use of colour. I have been building on gestural mark making, colour interaction and intrigue. When images are freely suspended viewers can circumnavigate the sheet of Perspex and view two completely different images – does there need to be a definitive front and back?

Download my CV: Sally Artist CV