about me

Growing up in the wilds of North Norfolk, I was surrounded by seasonally changing landscapes, expansive coastlines, immense sandy beaches, large skies and infinite horizons. These have embedded in me a deep-seated need for a sense of space and infinity in my life and in my work.

I come from an artistic family. My father was a studio potter and sculptor, his studio was based at home so I have been surrounded by creativity most of my life. Over the years I have tried my hand at various forms of art, including ceramics, building furniture from interesting wood and photography, but I have found myself ever increasingly drawn to painting with a focus on the abstract.

Having been lucky enough to travel extensively and living for some years in Australia, I am most definitely inspired by cultural diversity and specifically the vibrancy of colour, space and light. How to capture this in my work is the challenge!

I am extremely lucky to have moved into new studios – ¬†Printwork Studios, The Works, part of Gathering Voices’ creative quarter for BS3, Bristol. With lots of space there is absolutely no reason for me not to be supremely creative!!

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