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Link here to the ABSTRACTED app – Requires iOS 11.0 or later

The ‘ABSTRACTED” team have done it !!! Covid 19 tried its best to derail us in our mission to create this extraordinary synergy between abstract painting and technology. Our planned tour dates all had to be cancelled but fear not!!……… we have developed an iOS app thats free for you to download & explore the installation in a scaled down form & you can do that from where you are sitting right now!!! HOW COOL IS THAT ??!! :O)

A bit about the work in case you’ve missed updates so far….

ABSTRACTED is inviting you to explore the development of an abstract expressionist landscape painting through technology ( an iOS App).

We have opened a window into my creative development process and this experience will allow you to become immersed in the physicality and psychology involved when I paint. The iOS app. takes you on a fascinating Augmented Reality exploration, ten hours of me creating this painting has been condensed into a seven-minute immersive experience. This unique work aims to demystify the process involved in my painting practice, whilst at the same time exploring how new technologies and fine arts can complement and amplify one another.

OK enough of all this chat I hear you say …… what do I need to do next ???

  1. You need to have an iPhone or iPad thats pretty well up to date and can support AR functionality (Im afraid due to tight budgets we could only run to developing on iOS sadly not android)
  2. Using either your iPad or iPhone click here ABSTRACTED which will take you straight to the app. or go to the App Store and search for ABSTRACTED, download it and then you’ll be ready to have a play! When you first open the app please make sure you allow access to your camera otherwise this won’t work!
  3. 1st screen is ‘Info‘ have a read then at bottom of the screen tap ‘AR‘, have a read then tap ‘Enter AR Experience‘ Follow the instructions on the screen (basically you need to aim your camera at a horizontal surface and tap!)
  4. An easel should appear on your screen and music should start (you can mute at bottom of screen)
  5. OFF YOU GO ……. I encourage you to really play around with the imagery. You can move your device close to the canvas and watch the painting grow, if you place your thumb & finger on your screen and twist, the image will rotate. You can walk around my avatar & painting to observe the performance from above, below & behind. Walk around the imagery, I would like to encourage you to explore and watch the performance from more than one spot to really get the most out of the experience :O)

This project is a pilot project. I would really value feedback from you lovely people. In 2021 I plan to return to the Arts Council to propose a much larger project using this technology. If I can submit REAL feedback from REAL people it would truly add a huge amount of credibility to my project application. Heres a few questions to get you thinking :O) Thank you in advance :O)

  • what did you think of the experience?
  • has this altered the way you think about abstract art?
  • do you think this approach makes abstract paintings more accessible to the public ?
  • did you watch it more than once?
  • if yes, why?
  • would you like to see more of this immersive type of art in your galleries / art institutions?
  • any general comments and feedback for me to take with me into the next project ?
  • PLEASE EMAIL Sally Coulden with your thoughts :O)

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the amazing team Scott Fletcher (Producer), Benjamin Walbrook (Immersive technology specialist, developer extraordinaire), Zubr VR Studio, Jenny Male (communications) and most importantly The Arts Council England for providing funding for this extremely exciting project.

I hope you have enjoyed a brief immersion into the world of AR and abstract art!!!


Watch this space for more exciting projects in development :O)

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