End of the summer, moving swiftly into Autumn

One of my perspex paintings, backlit with LED lights

Wow…….. well what strange times we find ourselves in, I hope you have had a good summer and managed a staycation at some point??

It has been a busy few months in the studio preparing for ‘Awakenings’ my August solo show in St Ives. Which was great and very busy….. guess what? …. Im back, it was so good I decided to come back for another week. So Im writing this post from the Salthouse Gallery in St Ives (October) where the weather has been rather bonkers!!!! Huge gales and the sea has been ferocious!! Extremely dramatic, glad I have brought my wellies!!!! :O) A big thank you to all of you that managed to brave the weather and make it down to see me :O)

St Ives – October 2020

As you will have hopefully spotted my augmented reality app has been launched which has generated lots of interesting & great feedback. If you haven’t managed to take a look yet, do check out my previous post which explains how to download ‘ABSTRACTED’ from the app. store. The plan is to hopefully, rebook venues we had to cancel in May (covid19) and tour in 2021.

Im also starting to map out a new, much larger project idea. Imagine a large exhibition space which is empty except for an easel, some sculptor hammers, a potters wheel and maybe a pile of clothes. You will be handed an iPad and then you start wander the room and discover different artists at work. Its all about providing insight into how artists work. I shall be submitting an application to the Arts Council England – Im hoping they will be excited by this concept and help support development.


Update from the Red Dog Glass Design kennel! We have been busy designing and fitting lots of great new kitchen splash backs and bathroom glass panels around the country. This is a kitchen we recently fitted with the ‘Neurones’ design – I really love how Graeme requested us to design a second piece of glass to fit behind the sink which really links the art through the space.

My perspex paintings which were the inspiration for Red Dog Glass Design have been popular – Not sure if you know, but to achieve the finished art piece involves me painting backwards. I do have to be patient and let each individual colour / layer dry overnight before the next layer gets applied – by doing this I can achieve the clean lines and colour combos you see from the front of the perspex ……. it does bend the brain slightly :O)

‘Topography’ is a piece I painted during lockdown and showed at St Ives in August. It now lives in Sussex at Will & Ruths funky home. They have mounted coloured LED smart lighting behind the perspex bringing drama to the piece! How cool is that!

So …… whats next ….. well I think I might give myself a short staycation and then preparation for another show in Bristol early spring at the Hidden Gallery in Clifton. This will of course be C19 dependent. I have also been invited to exhibit on a Parisian online gallery called Singulart – next job on my list is to load my profile and some of my work for the world of art buyers to be able to observe :O)

Think thats about all the news for now, do feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or thoughts :O)

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