URGENT MESSAGE – Watch out for scam requests

I wanted to warn you to keep an eye out for any scams / messages that you may receive from my Sally Coulden Instagram account.

My instagram account was hacked yesterday and the hackers have locked me out of my account completely so I now have no control over it. It is possible they may use my account to try to scam you posing as me! Red Dog Glass Design is completely secure.

Please be aware not to engage with anything coming from my Sally Coulden Instagram account as it will not be me. If in doubt please feel free to contact me to check.

I am super frustrated and cross and feel like I have been burgled – I will need to start a completely new account and start to build it from scratch again which is hugely infuriating.

I will contact you when my new account is set up and ask if you might be kind enough to follow me again.

Thanks and stay safe from these virtual burglars!