Spring has sprung ……..

A long time coming… and yes Im referring to my complete tardiness at posting a newsletter this year!! No excuses … better late than never :O) I would also like to welcome my most recent readers whom I met at The Other Art Fair, Brick Lane earlier this month, welcome!

Lots has been happening in my world down here in Bristol. Before I start though, I just have to rave for a moment, about my stupendously amazing studio space, which I share with the multitalented arts collective ‘Caraboo Projects’. I am constantly in awe of their energy, professionalism and pure talent. Ceramics, film making, painting, sculpture their expertise and talent is endless. I am so lucky to be sharing creative space with such amazing people, its so inspirational. Check out their website Caraboo Projects – do come and join us at any of the events they have planned.

Speaking of my fantastic studio space, as you may know its in a disused printing factory. Gathering Voices run the collective of buildings on the large site which is known as The Works. PrintWorks where Caraboo and myself are based are just one of those building. A property developer has submitted plans to knock it down and build a massive block of apartments (boo!), we don’t know when this is going to happen but we will get a few months notice. Forever an optimist, Im hoping planning permission will take ages/ years :O) so we can continue to build our practices in this fabulous space … I have a big smile every time I come to the studio, each day a bonus.. ‘carpe diem’ !

Birds eye view of my studio…. I’m not lounging around the whole time!!!

A busy start to the year preparing for The Saatchi Arts Fair in London (March) – cracked on with some new paintings, mainly inspired by my experiences down in the Floating Harbour in the rowing boat. The fair was a triumph, my first in London ! Many thanks to everyone that came to say hi and supported me, it was really appreciated. I met so many lovely, interesting people and sold paintings – what could be better. Having taken a week to recover… these fairs are absolutely exhausting … I have reflected on what made it so great and what I could learn from it. The biggest learning as an artist investing in exhibiting at an Arts Fair is, make sure you research & take time to understand the demographics attending the Fair in question. You can be a genius modern day Michelangelo, but if your style doesn’t fit with the demographic visiting the fair, you’re not going to have the impact. The visitors at Brick Lane, for me, were generally after interesting, edgy abstraction & new concepts – If Im lucky enough to get accepted next year Im going to get a bigger stand, make bigger, bolder and slightly wilder work… can’t wait!!! :O)

What next…. well we have an Open Studio in April so a bit of prep for that, I will be part of a creatives ‘Dop up event’ in May, with Doppler Effect (excuse the pun!) in the heart of Bristol and then …… Teddington Arts Fair May 17-19th. Do drop me a line if you have any questions about anything Im up to or you would just like to say hello :O)

Hope you have a fabulous Easter and I promise I won’t leave it so long before the next update :O)

Tootle pip for now, Sal.

A big dollop of bright green always brightens up the day!!