October …. its nearly Christmas !

Hello Chaps

Oh my word… where has this summer gone?? This newsletter is rather overdue – I can only blame it on the fact the summer has been glorious, Ive been beavering away …. all to be revealed and I have only just come up for air!

Moving Studio … Thornbury to downtown Bedminster, BS3

Absolutely love my new studio space in a derelict printing factory – I don’t know how long we have it because the site is due to be redeveloped into luxury flats but all the artists renting space are hoping there are delays with planning :O) so could be 6 months or 2 years – who knows but its all about making the most of it! Im sharing the Print Works with a new arts collective called Carraboo, young, vibrant multi talented artists – all very exciting and inspiring – I really am very lucky.

Exhibitions and things………..


July: TOAF | Saatchi in Bristol – great success sold 4 paintings and invites for 2 exhibitions.


Sept to Nov –  ‘Art Cru’ Group exhibition,  Avery’s Wine Cellar, Bristol. Anticipating a huge footfall of ~2000 people so great visibility – lets see if I can sell one or two paintings :O) – Oh Private view for this exhibition is on Sat 17 Nov at 6.30pm – if you’d like to come please do – can guarantee good wine :O)


Nov – Dec – Hidden Gallery, Clifton Arcade, Bristol. Showing of my Urban Series through to xmas. Do come along a take a peep at some amazing art work – Chris has an amazing collection of ‘Rare Works’ as well if you’re feeling flush! Well worth a browse.








News Flash, Sals new business …….. Red Dog Glass Design launched !!!!!!

Many of you may have guessed I had something brewing, well I can now officially announce the launch of my new contemporary art, glass panel company. I wanted to create a company that I could work with my creative side as well as pull on the business side of my careers – have to admit this is the first time I have started my own business though…. its extremely exciting.

Fanfare of trumpets ………take a look at my new website Red Dog Glass Design  

Im working with an amazing glass panel manufacturer Opticolour  to bring to the world the most amazing kitchen glass splash backs !  I aim to target kitchens initially but the plan is to expand the range into bathrooms, hotels and hopefully commercial buildings next year. Heres a link to the e-brochure

3 orders in already, one going into the showroom of The Kitchen Man , a kitchen design company in Clifton, Bristol. and another into the open kitchen at the amazing Alchemy 198, a brand new Arts Bar on Gloucester Rd – it’s so new, the opening party is on Sat 17th November.

More to come on my marketing plans and I will be in touch soon ….

Tootle pip


Its June already!!!!


I spy with my little eye!


World Cup, Wimbledon, holidays, relaxing …… well not for me, Im busy beavering away here in sunny Bristol and loving it!

2 main stories for you today ….

I have been super lucky to be one of the 100 emerging artists (out of 500 applications) chosen to exhibit at The Other Art Fair, sponsored by Saatchi Art in Bristol this year.

In true consultant style I got myself a piece of paper and knocked up a mind map – all very high tech :O) Not much crossed off so far but Im working on it!


Opportunity :  Maximise the marketing opportunity to get my name out there. Saatchi have vast databases they use : 5,000 invites to gallerists, dealers, collectors, access to 110,000 Saatchi Art buyers,  etc. so as my friend and marketeer, Andy McGrath would say, ‘maximise the opportunity to get out there Sal!’

‘I’m on it, I’m all over it!!’

Take a peek…. My Saatchi Art profile  Sally Coulden

Very importantly I would like to offer you COMPLIMENTARY Tickets for the show.  I would be totally thrilled if you would like/ be able to come along and wander through the amazing artworks and of course come and say hi too !!  – This ticket will get you into the Private View on Friday 27th July 17.00 – 22.00 and all day Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 July.

Just follow this link to Complementary Tickets and type in the code: COULDENCOMP  – any problems give me a shout.  Will keep you posted on progress this end.

Not a bad spot :O)
Sun setting over Wales

Oldbury-on-Severn Night painting – what a hoot! – a fabulous expedition to the banks of the River Severn with  paper and paints in tow. The tidal range in the Bristol Channel is massive sothe changing light through dusk and then darkness on the mudflats was amazing –  thanks to fellow painters Jen, Shirley and Maree for making it such a fun trip

Mudflats at low tide


In my next update Im going to let you know about my new business venture …….

‘Splashbacks by Red Dog’ Im working on it, just lots of other things going on but its all heading in the right direction :O)


Thanks for listening, hopefully see you at The Other Arts Fair and I shall crack on …..

Tootle pip






Lots happening, exciting times ……

First and foremost, apologies for the radio silence over the past couple of months but …..  you can hear the excuse coming now…   I’ve been ridiculously busy and thats my excuse :O) tee hee !


As you know in January I shared with you my ambition for this year and Im delighted to report Im making great progress :O). This year is all about experiencing and learning lots about, both developing my art practice but also how I might navigate through this complicated world of art and make a living!!


Arts Fairs and Arts Trails so far :   I was working with the lovely super talented Caroline Hulse and her JoeDaisy Studio at the Reading Arts Fair – it turned out to be the hottest weekend of the century, the fair was in a sports arena with a tin roof!!! It was BOILING! A great weekend and we managed to educate lots of visitors about the art weekends we host at the studio, not much buying happened though unfortunately.

JoeDaisy Studio Stand at Reading Arts Fair

Learning for me:

Take time to understand the demographic of the arts fair before you sign up for a stand – make sure your art and importantly pricing align with the demographic.



No sooner had I drawn breath from packing up the exhibition but I was on a plane heading to the stunning Rural Gites, Dordogne, France , masterminded and run by the amazing Annette Marshall.  I spent a fabulous few days discussing and starting to shape an artistic programme for a ‘Vision of France’ holiday – it will be a 1 week all inclusive holiday hosted at Rural Gites, where I will be teaming up with a professional photographer to host a photography and abstract painting week – even though I say it myself ….  it’s going to be amazing :O) We are still in the planning stages but the intention is to run two, 1 week holidays in 2019 and see how it is received. As far as we can see there is nothing else like it, so we are all super excited – I’ll let you know when it gets finalised – I’d be interested in your thoughts.

‘Rural Gites’ – view from the apartment out over the pool

Rural Gites have also commissioned me to paint a large abstract for the stairwell in the newly refurbished and supremely stylish ‘Sanglier’ top floor apartment, what an honour!!! Im extremely excited and have started work already in the Bristol studio.


I  got asked, very randomly, by an alpaca shearer in France if I would paint him shearing (as you do!)  Bit random, and I did explain I was an abstract artist and no one would recognise him…. suffice it to say he hasn’t been back in contact so I guess thats not going to happen!! :O)

Some very cold and shawn alpacas!!! They are so tiny once they loose their fleece.

Back on the theme of teaching I have officially started teaching an ‘Improvers Abstractweekend course at JoeDaisy Studio in Maple Durham.

Im booked in to do 5 weekends between now and the end of the year, so if you have had a go at abstract before and fancy a fun packed, productive improvers arty weekend check out the course here – I would love to have you along as it’s such an extraordinary studio to paint in.

‘Measle Studio’ where the classes are held. (Sibling of JoeDaisy Studio, Maple Durham)

The SevernVale Arts Trail beginning of May was great – I opened my studio at CLaSH Artspace to the public for 3 days and had over 100 visitors which was fab! I did a bit of painting and there was lots of chat to be had about abstraction and inspiration.

Me, in my VERY tidy studio !!



A good plan to have cards and prints available of
your artwork so if visitors are not in the market for an original big piece of artwork theres smaller options available.




Never one to turn a marketing opportunity down I was asked if I would be happy to  exhibit one of my paintings in a shop window in Thornbury (Cadman Wealth Management) for the duration of the Arts Trail. The really great news is the arts trail has finished but I have been asked if I can leave my work in the window as its attracting lots of viewers :O) excellent … plan is to rotate my paintings …. 


Its all about getting out there and being seen !!!!


You know what theres more…….. however, Im going to sign off now, but, I am going to continue part II next week … just thought you needed a break  … :O)

Learning:    Don’t leave it 4  months before sending a blog – theres too much to share!!!! Be back soon………….

Hello 2018 !!!

Welcome one and all to my 2018 blog !


Looking very tidy!! Newly painted studio

Bit of a late start to the year, apologies, but I have been busy decorating my new extended studio space (mine till October this year, woo hoo !), as well as being  knee deep in ‘post- it’ notes, planning for what is shaping up to be an extremely exciting year ahead :O) 

Aim of my blog:           To be fun, interesting & informative

The masterplan is to send you snippets of what Im up to,  maybe some short videos of me painting (oh yes its all about me :O)!!!!) some of my painting techniques, share with you  exciting trips or just general ‘arty farty’ stuff I think you might be interested in, or inspired by.

I really encourage you to drop me a line anytime, and I mean anytime, with your thoughts and comments on my ramblings or if you’d like me to cover any particular topics just let me know. Please drop a line to studio@sallycoulden.art

Much loved brushes

So briefly,  ideas for my art career is bursting at the seams! Its great to have you joining me on my journey over the months to come –  heres a bit of a taster of just some of the projects I’m hatching:

Exploring the possibility of combining technology in the form of virtual and augmented reality with my large abstract paintings…. Extremely exciting!

Feasibility planning for a small art business. A cunning plan I have up my sleeve – attending  ‘setting up a small business’ course next week to get things going.

Teaching abstract this year – check out the new weekend painting course Improvers Abstract which I am teaching with Caroline Hulse. Starts in May. Come on you know you would love it!!!!.

Applied for a couple of National competitions along with 3 billion others but ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it!!’  or so someone said!!! :O) .. lets see what happens.

Arts Fairs & Arts Trails – I’m exhibiting and selling at the  Reading Contemporary Arts Fair 21/22 April 2018 – would be great to see you if you can make it.

Severn Vale Arts Trail – 5/6/7 May 2018 – come and visit me at my studio – you can have a go at painting if you fancy it :O)

Just a few of my plans and activities I won’t bore you with all of them now as we have plenty of time to go into details ….. oh did I mention Im off to France to scope out a commission (HUGE 200x200cm) as well as starting to design a fabulous painting holiday experience in Bordeaux for 2019, check out the planned location Rural Gites … more to come………. Ill shut up now :O)

Do get in touch studio@sallycoulden.art  & follow me on:

Instagram – sallycoulden

Twitter – @sallycoulden

Tootle pip for now


Reflection on 2017

What a year, have to say a bit challenging from the family side of things but I have managed to juggle all the priorities and still push on with my painting. I began in style, being mentored by professional artist Caroline Hulse FRSA at her studio in Maple Durham, Berkshire, was an absolute privilege. She designed her own version of the Slade degree course and put us through our paces. We even had homework!!!!!! , 3 of us attended between 2-3 days a week to learn  techniques, concept design and the A-Z of abstract art whilst  having tonnes of fun at the same time – however Carolines taste in music was on occasion extremely questionable at times ! (just joking Caroline – I loved every minute of it!!)  The masterclasses concluded with an amazing exhibition of all out work and a massive BBQ!

A huge thanks to Caroline for being so generous with sharing her knowledge, techniques, quirkiness and just being so hugely inspirational –  lots of fun was had by all !

         End of term bash !


Don’t know whats in the air at CLaSH Artspace home of my first studio (Oct 2017) but I have been busy, busy, busy – check out and follow activities on my Instagram !

Fellow art student, and partner in crime Jane Speedy and I  held our first public exhibition since leaving Uni.  ‘Emergence’ hit the art scene in Bristol weekend of Dec 16th 2017 @ Centrespace Gallery. What a blast, hard work, but well worth it. ~200 people visited and we had such wonderful feedback. Lots of learnings to build on, but all in all a great success, have to say I am very proud with what we managed to achieve.

Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. Dec 2017

Top tip learnt:  Never organise an exhibition the week before Christmas ! No time to recover before you’re straight into prep for xmas and just lots of parties!!! All terribly exhausting :O)  You have to believe me its hard work being an artist!! Never let anyone tell you any different! :o)

What a fab 2017 thanks to everyone that played a part  … keep tuned in ….. I will be filling you in on what I have planned for 2018 as soon as we flip into Jan 2018 (all extremely exciting) …… Happy New Year to one and all.

New studio – fantastic!

Ive arrived!! What a fantastic first week at CLaSH Artspace. There must be something in the air here…  in this first week I have managed to complete a commission that I have been struggling with and had artists block with for several months!! Hoorah!!!

What’s great, is that I feel that I now have some structure around my creativity, which I have missed over the summer. It definitely feels like Im coming to work each day which suits me brilliantly.

All the artist in the studio have been wonderfully welcoming and I know Im going to be learning lots from all their experiences. They have also just set up a local artists networking group, which I have joined,  a fabulous eclectic mix of creativity!

So all go here in Bristol, watch this space for the next update…..

Welcome to my blog!

sally coulden studio brushes

Exciting times……… as I commence my journey as a professional artist I want to be able to share with you my painting exploits as well as my exploration and navigation of the art world – I thought this would be the place to do it! If you would like to follow my adventure, do pop your email address in the box on the right side of this page and it will inform you when I post.

September brings the Affordable Arts Fair to Bristol, and I shall be helping Caroline Hulse, artist and gallery owner of the ‘Magic Easel’ for the 3 days, so if anyone is visiting please do come and say hello! (Stand D7)

The really important and exciting news though, is that I’m moving into a new studio on 1st October, at CLaSH Artspace in Thornbury, Bristol. I’ll be working in a vibrant collaborative space sharing with 6 other artists. My easels, paints and comfy chair are at the ready to move in!