Hello 2018 !!!

Welcome one and all to my 2018 blog !


Looking very tidy!! Newly painted studio

Bit of a late start to the year, apologies, but I have been busy decorating my new extended studio space (mine till October this year, woo hoo !), as well as being  knee deep in ‘post- it’ notes, planning for what is shaping up to be an extremely exciting year ahead :O) 

Aim of my blog:           To be fun, interesting & informative

The masterplan is to send you snippets of what Im up to,  maybe some short videos of me painting (oh yes its all about me :O)!!!!) some of my painting techniques, share with you  exciting trips or just general ‘arty farty’ stuff I think you might be interested in, or inspired by.

I really encourage you to drop me a line anytime, and I mean anytime, with your thoughts and comments on my ramblings or if you’d like me to cover any particular topics just let me know. Please drop a line to studio@sallycoulden.art

Much loved brushes

So briefly,  ideas for my art career is bursting at the seams! Its great to have you joining me on my journey over the months to come –  heres a bit of a taster of just some of the projects I’m hatching:

Exploring the possibility of combining technology in the form of virtual and augmented reality with my large abstract paintings…. Extremely exciting!

Feasibility planning for a small art business. A cunning plan I have up my sleeve – attending  ‘setting up a small business’ course next week to get things going.

Teaching abstract this year – check out the new weekend painting course Improvers Abstract which I am teaching with Caroline Hulse. Starts in May. Come on you know you would love it!!!!.

Applied for a couple of National competitions along with 3 billion others but ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it!!’  or so someone said!!! :O) .. lets see what happens.

Arts Fairs & Arts Trails – I’m exhibiting and selling at the  Reading Contemporary Arts Fair 21/22 April 2018 – would be great to see you if you can make it.

Severn Vale Arts Trail – 5/6/7 May 2018 – come and visit me at my studio – you can have a go at painting if you fancy it :O)

Just a few of my plans and activities I won’t bore you with all of them now as we have plenty of time to go into details ….. oh did I mention Im off to France to scope out a commission (HUGE 200x200cm) as well as starting to design a fabulous painting holiday experience in Bordeaux for 2019, check out the planned location Rural Gites … more to come………. Ill shut up now :O)

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Tootle pip for now


Reflection on 2017

What a year, have to say a bit challenging from the family side of things but I have managed to juggle all the priorities and still push on with my painting. I began in style, being mentored by professional artist Caroline Hulse FRSA at her studio in Maple Durham, Berkshire, was an absolute privilege. She designed her own version of the Slade degree course and put us through our paces. We even had homework!!!!!! , 3 of us attended between 2-3 days a week to learn  techniques, concept design and the A-Z of abstract art whilst  having tonnes of fun at the same time – however Carolines taste in music was on occasion extremely questionable at times ! (just joking Caroline – I loved every minute of it!!)  The masterclasses concluded with an amazing exhibition of all out work and a massive BBQ!

A huge thanks to Caroline for being so generous with sharing her knowledge, techniques, quirkiness and just being so hugely inspirational –  lots of fun was had by all !

         End of term bash !


Don’t know whats in the air at CLaSH Artspace home of my first studio (Oct 2017) but I have been busy, busy, busy – check out and follow activities on my Instagram !

Fellow art student, and partner in crime Jane Speedy and I  held our first public exhibition since leaving Uni.  ‘Emergence’ hit the art scene in Bristol weekend of Dec 16th 2017 @ Centrespace Gallery. What a blast, hard work, but well worth it. ~200 people visited and we had such wonderful feedback. Lots of learnings to build on, but all in all a great success, have to say I am very proud with what we managed to achieve.

Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. Dec 2017

Top tip learnt:  Never organise an exhibition the week before Christmas ! No time to recover before you’re straight into prep for xmas and just lots of parties!!! All terribly exhausting :O)  You have to believe me its hard work being an artist!! Never let anyone tell you any different! :o)

What a fab 2017 thanks to everyone that played a part  … keep tuned in ….. I will be filling you in on what I have planned for 2018 as soon as we flip into Jan 2018 (all extremely exciting) …… Happy New Year to one and all.

New studio – fantastic!

Ive arrived!! What a fantastic first week at CLaSH Artspace. There must be something in the air here…  in this first week I have managed to complete a commission that I have been struggling with and had artists block with for several months!! Hoorah!!!

What’s great, is that I feel that I now have some structure around my creativity, which I have missed over the summer. It definitely feels like Im coming to work each day which suits me brilliantly.

All the artist in the studio have been wonderfully welcoming and I know Im going to be learning lots from all their experiences. They have also just set up a local artists networking group, which I have joined,  a fabulous eclectic mix of creativity!

So all go here in Bristol, watch this space for the next update…..

Welcome to my blog!

sally coulden studio brushes

Exciting times……… as I commence my journey as a professional artist I want to be able to share with you my painting exploits as well as my exploration and navigation of the art world – I thought this would be the place to do it! If you would like to follow my adventure, do pop your email address in the box on the right side of this page and it will inform you when I post.

September brings the Affordable Arts Fair to Bristol, and I shall be helping Caroline Hulse, artist and gallery owner of the ‘Magic Easel’ for the 3 days, so if anyone is visiting please do come and say hello! (Stand D7)

The really important and exciting news though, is that I’m moving into a new studio on 1st October, at CLaSH Artspace in Thornbury, Bristol. I’ll be working in a vibrant collaborative space sharing with 6 other artists. My easels, paints and comfy chair are at the ready to move in!