Lots happening, exciting times ……

First and foremost, apologies for the radio silence over the past couple of months but …..  you can hear the excuse coming now…   I’ve been ridiculously busy and thats my excuse :O) tee hee !


As you know in January I shared with you my ambition for this year and Im delighted to report Im making great progress :O). This year is all about experiencing and learning lots about, both developing my art practice but also how I might navigate through this complicated world of art and make a living!!


Arts Fairs and Arts Trails so far :   I was working with the lovely super talented Caroline Hulse and her JoeDaisy Studio at the Reading Arts Fair – it turned out to be the hottest weekend of the century, the fair was in a sports arena with a tin roof!!! It was BOILING! A great weekend and we managed to educate lots of visitors about the art weekends we host at the studio, not much buying happened though unfortunately.

JoeDaisy Studio Stand at Reading Arts Fair

Learning for me:

Take time to understand the demographic of the arts fair before you sign up for a stand – make sure your art and importantly pricing align with the demographic.



No sooner had I drawn breath from packing up the exhibition but I was on a plane heading to the stunning Rural Gites, Dordogne, France , masterminded and run by the amazing Annette Marshall.  I spent a fabulous few days discussing and starting to shape an artistic programme for a ‘Vision of France’ holiday – it will be a 1 week all inclusive holiday hosted at Rural Gites, where I will be teaming up with a professional photographer to host a photography and abstract painting week – even though I say it myself ….  it’s going to be amazing :O) We are still in the planning stages but the intention is to run two, 1 week holidays in 2019 and see how it is received. As far as we can see there is nothing else like it, so we are all super excited – I’ll let you know when it gets finalised – I’d be interested in your thoughts.

‘Rural Gites’ – view from the apartment out over the pool

Rural Gites have also commissioned me to paint a large abstract for the stairwell in the newly refurbished and supremely stylish ‘Sanglier’ top floor apartment, what an honour!!! Im extremely excited and have started work already in the Bristol studio.


I  got asked, very randomly, by an alpaca shearer in France if I would paint him shearing (as you do!)  Bit random, and I did explain I was an abstract artist and no one would recognise him…. suffice it to say he hasn’t been back in contact so I guess thats not going to happen!! :O)

Some very cold and shawn alpacas!!! They are so tiny once they loose their fleece.

Back on the theme of teaching I have officially started teaching an ‘Improvers Abstractweekend course at JoeDaisy Studio in Maple Durham.

Im booked in to do 5 weekends between now and the end of the year, so if you have had a go at abstract before and fancy a fun packed, productive improvers arty weekend check out the course here – I would love to have you along as it’s such an extraordinary studio to paint in.

‘Measle Studio’ where the classes are held. (Sibling of JoeDaisy Studio, Maple Durham)

The SevernVale Arts Trail beginning of May was great – I opened my studio at CLaSH Artspace to the public for 3 days and had over 100 visitors which was fab! I did a bit of painting and there was lots of chat to be had about abstraction and inspiration.

Me, in my VERY tidy studio !!



A good plan to have cards and prints available of
your artwork so if visitors are not in the market for an original big piece of artwork theres smaller options available.




Never one to turn a marketing opportunity down I was asked if I would be happy to  exhibit one of my paintings in a shop window in Thornbury (Cadman Wealth Management) for the duration of the Arts Trail. The really great news is the arts trail has finished but I have been asked if I can leave my work in the window as its attracting lots of viewers :O) excellent … plan is to rotate my paintings …. 


Its all about getting out there and being seen !!!!


You know what theres more…….. however, Im going to sign off now, but, I am going to continue part II next week … just thought you needed a break  … :O)

Learning:    Don’t leave it 4  months before sending a blog – theres too much to share!!!! Be back soon………….