Its June already!!!!


I spy with my little eye!


World Cup, Wimbledon, holidays, relaxing …… well not for me, Im busy beavering away here in sunny Bristol and loving it!

2 main stories for you today ….

I have been super lucky to be one of the 100 emerging artists (out of 500 applications) chosen to exhibit at The Other Art Fair, sponsored by Saatchi Art in Bristol this year.

In true consultant style I got myself a piece of paper and knocked up a mind map – all very high tech :O) Not much crossed off so far but Im working on it!


Opportunity :  Maximise the marketing opportunity to get my name out there. Saatchi have vast databases they use : 5,000 invites to gallerists, dealers, collectors, access to 110,000 Saatchi Art buyers,  etc. so as my friend and marketeer, Andy McGrath would say, ‘maximise the opportunity to get out there Sal!’

‘I’m on it, I’m all over it!!’

Take a peek…. My Saatchi Art profile  Sally Coulden

Very importantly I would like to offer you COMPLIMENTARY Tickets for the show.  I would be totally thrilled if you would like/ be able to come along and wander through the amazing artworks and of course come and say hi too !!  – This ticket will get you into the Private View on Friday 27th July 17.00 – 22.00 and all day Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 July.

Just follow this link to Complementary Tickets and type in the code: COULDENCOMP  – any problems give me a shout.  Will keep you posted on progress this end.

Not a bad spot :O)
Sun setting over Wales

Oldbury-on-Severn Night painting – what a hoot! – a fabulous expedition to the banks of the River Severn with  paper and paints in tow. The tidal range in the Bristol Channel is massive sothe changing light through dusk and then darkness on the mudflats was amazing –  thanks to fellow painters Jen, Shirley and Maree for making it such a fun trip

Mudflats at low tide


In my next update Im going to let you know about my new business venture …….

‘Splashbacks by Red Dog’ Im working on it, just lots of other things going on but its all heading in the right direction :O)


Thanks for listening, hopefully see you at The Other Arts Fair and I shall crack on …..

Tootle pip