Snowstorm I


Acrylic on canvas

83cm x 83cm





Inspiration: Snowstorm – Steamboat off a Harbour Mouth (1842), Oil on canvas

Turner was reported to have said ” I did not paint it to be understood, but I wished to show what such a scene was like …..” John Ruskin
This larger painting was inspired by Snowstorm II. I wanted to reproduce Snowstorm II, but on a larger canvas/ scale. I often use the vibrant pyrole red as an under paint generally to help create energy and vibrancy which I wanted in this painting. I wanted to create a tension between the red and the more earthy umbers’ and greys. My approach to this painting has been to apply several layers paint, once I feel it’s starting to become a little tight in structure, I throw lots of water at the canvas to soften and loosen both blocks of colour and brush strokes. Hence the drips and looser feel to this painting …